Every detail at Stonewater is designed to make it extremely attractive to homebuyers—and because of that, highly marketable for builders. 

Not only is it gorgeous, with the natural landscape offering stunning views from every location, but the development is thoughtfully planned to attract your ideal buyer. The groundwork (literal and figurative!) has been laid to make your neighborhood an immediate and long-term success. 

NRB has a goal to minimize risk and maximize value and return for builders. We do this through: 

  • Strategic identification and acquisition of land
  • Disciplined due diligence and underwriting
  • Optimal entitlement of land uses and densities
  • Comprehensive consumer research prior to planning and development
  • Meticulous operational and development budgeting
  • Elite construction management capabilities

Stonewater was envisioned from the ground up to be a community where families live in the ways that matter most to them – our neighborhoods, landscaped open spaces, trails and amenities were intentionally designed with the homeowner in mind—and that only gets better with time.


Stonewater is a 1,400 acre community with 33 neighborhoods and 3,700 homes approved. Tabs below show you just a few reasons your homebuyers will be heading your way! Click the bullets below to learn more about that feature.

Stonewater’s 33 neighborhoods offer 16 different types of pre-zoned and approved residential product. These range from single family to multi-family, from starter homes to move-up homes, and even semi-custom homes, as well as age-targeted communities with no school impact fees.

Trails will wind throughout the community, and at 10 feet wide and paved, they are the perfect width for a family to walk side-by-side comfortably. Great for hikers, bikers, and strollers.

The community is “wow-worthy,” with running streams, waterfalls, bridges and open water, all landscaped and beautiful. Paths wind around the lakes and even take you to a fishing pier.

Open spaces will bring the community together, with several large parks with mature (100-year-old) trees, baseball fields, soccer fields, open sport fields, and passive areas. A highlight includes Stonewater Park, a 120 acre open space centrally located, with the future onsite elementary school, ball fields, playgrounds, trails, and more.

Unique to the region, Stonewater features irresistible amenities, including an owner’s clubhouse with a home theater, fitness center, meeting rooms, and kitchen—plenty of spaces where residents can gather! The gorgeous setting will even offer an excellent backdrop for scenic weddings.

Trails connect the community together, leading to all of the onsite amenities—including the adjacent K-8 school and future onsite elementary school. Also, paths will connect into the adjacent forest preserve, extending the recreational opportunities even further!

Paths will even connect into 2 adjacent future locations for retailers and businesses. And although residents are surrounded by nature, major shopping and restaurants are located just 2-3 miles away.


At Stonewater, we embrace the natural landscape and make trees a priority. And this isn’t only along the trails and in common areas.

Stonewater is home to an on-site nursery with over 12,000 mature trees, each 5-8 inches in diameter. As part of the land package, each lot will have 2-3 mature trees, carefully curated for their beauty and the ability to thrive. So instead of taking years for neighborhoods to look and feel complete, homeowners will move-in with the best housewarming gift—healthy, lush, established trees.

In addition, 29 unique certified Heritage Trees will be planted in significant locations throughout Stonewater, adding interest and telling an important story of American history.


Development at Stonewater is well underway, preparing for home sales to begin in 2021.

Several important infrastructure pieces are complete, with ongoing work making significant progress daily. Keep up to date on construction updates and plans. Follow Construction updates.