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With the post-quarantine psychological shift in home buying, people from Chicago will be turning to the suburbs for communities that offer everything a city lifestyle doesn’t: family-friendly communities with larger but affordable homes that offer tons of green space for safe outdoor activity. Stonewater is happy to present a perfect opportunity for builders at the perfect time. 


And you don’t have to take our word for it. A recent article in online magazine “Love Property” polled experts to discover the future of home buying post-COVID. It found, “Markets viewed as being tough will likely see a resurgence, say realtors including Halstead’s Tammy Felenstein and Redfin’s Glenn Kelman. They include out-of-the-way neighborhoods in smaller cities and towns that may lack downtown walkability. These areas have a number of distinct advantages people will be seeking out in the post-coronavirus world, ranging from more affordable house prices to sprawling green spaces and a strong sense of community.”

Attractive Homebuyer Features Post-COVID


We intentionally designed Stonewater with community in mind. Features like the clubhouse as a community gathering place, tons of parks and playgrounds, and stunning walking paths that wind through the community offer just the broad overview of how community will heavily feature into the lives of Stonewater homebuyers. A few details offer builders a greater sense that we left no stone unturned (pun intended!) in our pursuit of an attractive sense of community—and these are only a few of many: 

  • Heritage trees. Trees along the walking paths include “Heritage Trees” that are grown from seeds that originated at sites across the country that tell incredible stories about America and its origins. Each tree will have a sign posted telling its story, creating places of interest and making every walk a rich experience. 
  • On-site and walkable schools. We were happy to donate 2 acres and over $4 million toward the 2018 K-8 Harrison School District 36 remodel—and we included walking paths from the community directly to the school. We have planned for future growth Stonewater will bring, with 17 acres of land central to Stonewater reserved for a brand new onsite elementary school.
  • Birdhouses by a local artisan. We purchased several gorgeous birdhouses from a local craftsman that will be sprinkled throughout the green areas of the community. We imagine families enjoying a “scavenger hunt” where they find all of the birdhouses. 

Affordable house prices.

When homebuyers from Chicago look west for homes, they will find an incredible difference in affordability per square foot at Stonewater. And with people increasingly working from home, living in smaller towns that offer desirable greenspace is increasingly attractive. According to Redfin’s Taylor Marr, “During the first month of the pandemic, interest in rural areas skyrocketed while interest in cities fell, with many urbanites dreaming of packing up and heading for the hills,” said Redfin lead economist Taylor Marr. “Some of that boost in rural areas proved to be temporary, but it appears to be more sustainable in small towns, which may be a more realistic option for those looking to work from home primarily or commute into the office once or twice a week. Stonewater is exactly the kind of location Marr means.

Sprawling green spaces.

This attraction at Stonewater speaks for itself. Just check out a few of our photos to see the gorgeous nature focus at Stonewater—a beauty that will be on full display during all seasons. 

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